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"If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. God save you if you hear something.
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10 items. Description. You somehow end up in level 7 also known as level thalassophobia. Lost in an apartment with wet floor, soggy furniture and an exit door that faces the ocean straight on. Almost as if the apartment itself is tilted 90 degrees... Careful not to stay too long in the cold dark ocean. The level's wiki page. [].
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Focus on getting more artifacts and ‘beating’ the game, aka completing level 8. Everything will be easier after that, so this should be your first goal. Plus, this guide won’t talk about EVERY achievement, since most are painfully obvious. Enter The Backrooms. Complete All Levels 0-8. Tips: Simply go through all levels, be aware that if.

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44.4K Likes, 273 Comments. TikTok video from The Backrooms =) (@the_.backr0oms): "Replying to @user28453554880 Level 4 📍#backrooms #level4 #horror #fyp". Level 4 | Level 4 is an empty office building almost completely devoid of furniture | It is a class 1 safety so this level is very safe | .... Fallen Down.

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first get a worn sack,next get a large pile of bloody meat,next attach all the meat to the worn sack,then stuff a large quantity of firesalt (100 pounds is good) and liquid pain (150,000 liters is good) inside of it (you should also probably get some ice picks or something),now get to the ocean part of level 7,now throw yourself inside of the. <b>The</b> <b>Backrooms</b> is an.

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2 days ago · The Thing On Level 7 is a creature that can be found in the deep waters of Level 7 .It is very hard to encounter as the ocean of Level 7 is known to stretch endlessly, however, if one does manage to encounter it, they should try to flee immediately as this entity is presumed to be highly dangerous, to give one a sense of how dangerous this creature is, all it takes is to view.
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The middle of the level has a. Sep 16, 2021 · Despite its appearance, the only traveler to come into physical contact with it has given it the ironically appealing nickname "Tiny", which it appears to despise. It is responsible for the death of u/sagekabuto and u/glassydude101. As of now, The Thing On Level 7 is the only known Thing on Level 7.

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Description: Level -167 is a cold, gloomy and somewhat liminal woods. It is always winter in this level and a strange freezing fog is always here, following you around behind you. In the level, scatted around, there are wooden benches, these benches are the most dangerous thing in this level. These benches will have a familiar feel to them that.
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2022. 6. 17. · As of now, not much is known about the " Entities " (also known as Beings, Things, or Creatures) that live inside the Backrooms . There seem to be multiple subspecies of these Creatures, as descriptions of them vary. Because of this, no one knows for certain what many of the Entities > look like.
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a > Level!, is infinite in length due to,! End 's PC few, and few photographs have ever emerged are in a system where it lists the,. Multiple players breaking the random generation of the Backrooms. things there besides the mysterious.

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Description. Jerry is a small bird with resemblance to the blue macaw parrot. Its habitat is mainly Level 1, but it occasionally spotted in Level 2. This level is home to Jerry's "home", known as the First Aves Church, where Jerry and his followers are often found. Those who make physical contact with Jerry without taming him are subject to his.
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Web Original /. The Backrooms. The first picture ever taken of Level 0. The Backrooms is an internet meme and quasi- Alternate Reality Game based upon the eponymous Eldritch Location, an infinite series of rooms decorated in mono-yellow wallpaper and moist carpet, lit by fluorescent lights, supposedly accessed when one noclips out of reality.

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The Backrooms (Found Footage) is a horror short film by Kane Pixels. The film is based on the online myth of The Backrooms. It is the first video in Kane Pixels' Backrooms series. In the description, there is a link to the unlisted video Mar11_90_ARCHIVE.tar. The film follows Kane Pints who falls into the Backrooms. On July 4th, 1991, Kane Pints is filming an amateur film with some other.

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Indie short game about Backrooms created in 7 days. My first game project that I was able to finish and publish. You have to solve a puzzle to escape. Controls: Movement - WSAD. Run - Shift. Grab item/Use - Left mouse. Throw paper - Right mouse. Save system is not implemented but game is short. Minimum specs: Game was tested on.
Backrooms: Directed by Kane Parsons. With Aakash, Henry, Kane Parsons. A cameraman helping to shoot an indie film suddenly finds himself wandering a liminal space.
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Level 7 is an impossibly large ocean that seems to stretch infinitely in all directions. Despite the absence of fixed light sources within the level, a dim natural light is present across the level. Detailed exploration of this ocean is sparse due to the extreme danger and the amount of preparation it requires to navigate. What we know of Level 7 is as follows: Level 7 is largely unexplored.

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#shorts #fyp #backrooms #meme.

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So these are my opinions on every level (So far) on backrooms (During the time of this post, when mods become a thing, I WILL NOT COUNT THEM ON THIS LIST. Due to them being mods and not the based game. The based game are either level in the normal or beta. If anymore betas come out I'll try to updated this as I can, and some of anymore info, like events.

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. The Thing On Level 7 has little information on specific detail thus far, having only been seen by a handful of travelers. It appears to be the only one of its kind left, and is highly intelligent; although incapable of speech, it can write. It is omnivorous and brutal, and appears to care little for humans, as it has stated when asked.

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Level 7 is the 8th level of the Backrooms. It poses a significant obstacle to the exploration of Level 8 and further. ... For many years, Level 7 was believed to have only one entity, the infamous Thing On Level 7. As of April 18th, 2019, Level 7 is now inhabited by another entity,.
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Level 7 is the 8th Level of the Backrooms, which resembles an abandoned flooded house. Contents 1 Description 2 Colonies and Outposts 3 Entrances and Exits 3.1 Entrances 3.2 Exits Description The 'starting room' of Level 7 resembles a flooded house. The water which floods this Level is distilled, and contains no microscopic life forms.
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When you collect the Page, it knows that you collected it and it will go to the place where you collected it. It can hear when you are running from long distance and he Can see you too. If you hear him, you need to be quiet. Be on your guard at all times. Eventually, Here In The Backrooms will turn into another game.

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The Thing On Level 7 is a mostly unknown entity that resides in the depths of the ocean of Level 7 and is rumored to be the main cause of all the skeletal remains discovered on the seafloor of Level 7. As of now, there are no confirmed or official sightings of the creature other than the sightings during the event of the destruction of "The.
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Can be found in levels: 861, 226 and 368. Abilities: nothing ... you're viewing your generator with the url backrooms-entity-statistics - you can: change its url; duplicate it; make private; download it; delete it; close if you click the button below, it will load a list of older versions of your generator so you can download them in case you.

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This is a list of all creatures that inhabit The Backrooms. Earth creatures are not included in this list. Entity List. From The Backrooms. ... Entity 18 - "The Beast of Level 5" Entity 19; Entity 20 - "The Thing On Level 7" Entity 21; Entity 22 - "Anethikas" Entity 23 - "Screamers" Entity 24 - "Death Rats" Entity 25; Entity 26;.
Level -3 is a level with chaotic structure and rainbow walls. The only consistent thing here is the ceiling and floor. Flashlights darken the level. This level has no SubLevels. The rainbows start to shine in a more celebratory way, and a song starts to play, it's supposedly the bugged song but fixed - try to use as little items as possible as no boxes spawn - your sanity depletes very.

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I feel like a random revamp of a wiki that has already been good to go on is weird and unneeded. The Backrooms wiki isn't just a bunch of levels that are the same "level 971042763 is a super duper ultra death molten landscape with 1 quintillion entities" anymore. Panoramic · 6/1/2022 in General. Question. What is the difference between this.

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Level 0 is a seemingly infinite non-linear space, resembling the back rooms of a retail outlet. All rooms in Level 0 appear uniform and share superficial features such as yellowed wallpaper, damp carpet, and inconsistently placed fluorescent lighting. However, no two rooms within Level 0 are identical. Another picture of level 0.
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This content is paid for by the advertiser and published by WP BrandStudio. The Washington Post newsroom was not involved in the creation of this content. integrative medicine fellowship salary
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They can be used to access other Levels in the Backrooms. 1 Level 0; 2 Level 1; 3 QR Code 7; Explore Wikis Universal Conquest Wiki. Wiki. She is a pitch black humanoid with one, jagged wing and a bright white smile. All of Entities vary in many things. This Entity resembles a Caucasian male security guard wearing a mall security uniform and has.

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